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I wish I could sit here and tell you I dreamed of opening a women’s clothing boutique my whole life, but alas, I can’t. My only goal in life was to be a figure skating coach (which I am and love dearly). It wasn’t until my incredible husband mentioned to me that I shop a lot (I mean, really….it’s not a problem and now it’s created a business sooooo when you think about it, it was research…*insert adorable laugh here*) and that he thought I would do well opening my own online shop. It has been a whirlwind of planning since he said it but I instantly knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I have always wanted a place where ALL women feel welcome and I hope that Stella Lew Boutique can provide that. I am constantly striving to find more products that are available and look wonderful on all body types because I believe we all should be allowed to feel fabulous regardless of our size. Stella Lew Boutique is named after my beautiful and always fashion forward grandma and I know she is looking down on me and just as excited for this adventure as I am.



Meet our photographer Christy, with Southern Rose Photography! She’s a small town southern girl with a big heart. When she's not spending time with her family, she's following her heart through photography. She’s got a passion for sharing love stories and empowering women through her work. She uses her bubbly personality and silly humor to create laughter and joy in those around her. She’s incredibly down to earth, authentic, relatable, and keeps it real. If you're looking for a super hype person to photograph you for any occasion, contact her on her website at



Deanna is 23 years old and currently works at Lowe's Home Improvement in the Garden Center (she's also proud of that farmer's tan!) She is currently finishing her degree in Applied Exercise Science. She loves learning about how the body moves and the different systems inside. She's hoping to go to nursing school down the road. Deanna is also and avid book reader and states that her ideal day is sitting on the back porch in the fall with a blanket, hot chocolate, and a really good book most likely written by one of her favorite authors - Ella Summers or Jaymin Eve.



Mekayla was born and raised in North Carolina. She went to college for photography which was where she got into modeling and has been modeling since 2012. She is also an adventure seeking individual that loves exploring the city and the wilderness. Mekayla is a SURVIVOR. She battled stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma and that is ultimately how she met our owner Kristy, who was a huge supporter. Mekayla has said, "Seeing people succeed and feel beautiful is my goal and to be apart of this journey with these girls is going to be a wonderful experience."



Sara is a happily married mom of 4 kids. She is scheduled to turn 40 this year but has decided that she will never celebrate another birthday so she can stay 39. When she’s not working, chauffeuring kids around, or tackling mountains of laundry, she enjoys drawing and painting, reading, cooking, hanging out with friends, figure skating, and relaxing at the beach. Some of Sara’s guilty pleasures include reality television, loads of coffee, romance novels, Studio Ghibli movies, 80s big hair bands, get the idea.



Nora is getting married in 2019 - woot WOOT! She is a dog mom to Belle and Booba. This incredibly talented lady does face paint, watercolor, and amateur photography. She is an ECU Grad, Go Pirates! She grew up in Wilmington N.C., enjoys music concerts, good beer, Jeep trips with her future hubby and snuggling with her dog babies!